Parish chairman urges: “Please vote in Quadrant referendum”

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The chairman of Wyberton Parish Council said that tomorrow’s (Thursday’s) vote on the Quadrant development is one of the most important in the village’s history.

Coun Richard Austin said the vote is a key part of the democratic process and encouraged everybody to take part.

He said: “It’s the first time the village has ever had a referendum of any sort as far as I’m aware. It will be a guide to the decision of the parish council and will be the best guide there can be as to the stance of the parish council.

“We will have to consider what the view of the of the plans is, but we cannot do that until we hear what the people of Wyberton have to say.”

He added: “There’s been nothing as big as this in the history of the village.”

Several people have been canvassing in the village - including members of theWyberton Quadrant Action Group - who oppose the plans.

The parish referendum is due to take place at Wyberton Village Hall, tomorrow, from 4-9pm. Those wishing to take part must go to the hall to vote.

It will determine whether or not the parish is in favour of the Quadrant but may not necessarily alter the decision.