Parish chairman: ‘We cannot ignore result of Quadrant referendum’

Richard Austin
Richard Austin

The chairman of Wyberton Parish Council has said they can’t ignore the results of the Quadrant referendum despite the low turnout.

Chairman Coun Richard Austin said: “We have been waiting to hear what the people of Wyberton thought of it, and they have spoken.”

He said they will take into account the low turnout of 18.76 per cent but cannot ignore the result, adding: “Everybody had an opportunity to go. You can’t ignore the result because only 18 per cent turned out. That would be undemocratic. One could argue it means the other 80 per cent couldn’t care less one way or the other.”

Thursday’s referendum saw 560 of the 2,989 electorate vote on the question ‘do you want the development, known as the Quadrant, to be built?’

A total of 483 people opting for ‘no’ – 86.5 per cent of the voters – and just 77 in support.

The parish council will discuss the result at its next meeting on July 15.

The referendum was said to cost about £1,500 - a total of £2.68 per vote cast.

The plans include up to 500 homes and a 5,000-capacity stadium for Boston United near the junction of the A16 and Tytton Lane. The development also includes a 60-bed hotel, food store, pub and restaurant and the first chunk of a new distributor road.

Developers Chestnut Homes did not wish to comment on the referendum.

Boston United Supporters Association said the vote was a matter for the people of Wyberton but stressed fans are ‘greatly concerned’ about securing the future of the stadium which is ‘vital for the survival of the football club’.

A petition has now been set up to back the development and can be signed at the club’s current York Street stadium.