Parties bid for your European Election votes

The European Parliament in Brussels
The European Parliament in Brussels

Voters are set to go to the polls to choose who represents them in the European Parliament on Thursday.

Boston sits in the East Midlands region, where there are five seats up for grabs.

Here the nine parties explain, in a nutshell, why they think they deserve your vote...

An Independence From Europe

A vote for An Independence From Europe is a vote to leave the EU NOT a UKIP/Con Referendum.

In my role as an MEP, I would try to bring back tax payers’ money for projects in our region (see I would:-

Implement full border controls with an ‘Australian style’ visa system based on national needs. Stop unlimited immigration, deport illegal immigrants and foreign criminals. It is not about race it is about space.

Transfer foreign aid to UK citizens in need. Countries with nuclear and space programmes do not need our tax payers’ money.

Improve pensions for the elderly.

Make no cuts in NHS frontline health services, put medical staff back at the heart of the NHS–real matrons to run MRSA free hospitals.

Increase police on the beat, restore law and order.

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Candidates: Chris Pain, Val Pain, Alan Jesson, John Beaver and Carl Mason.

British National Party

Do not be fooled by false patriots! What we say we believe, and will carry out.

The British National Party, since its founding in 1983 has campaigned to stop mass immigration, withdrawal from the EU, putting those born here first in the queue in housing and jobs, not participating in wars unless it directly effects the UK. and banning Halal slaughter.

How many people can name their MEP? Not many! I would wager more have heard of the North West MEP Nick Griffin.

But do those people realise that it was Nick that went to Syria, to meet with President Assad and in so doing helped avoid British involvement in yet another war which some of our mainstream politicians seemed to support?

There are many other things I would like to tell you, but have not the room. To find out more please go to our website

Candidates: Catherine Ann Marie Duffy, Robert Malcolm Brian West, Bob Brindley, Geoffrey William Dickens and Paul Hillard.

Conservative Party

Britain’s relationship with the EU is not working.

In 1975 we joined a Common Market for increased trade, growth and jobs. But today we have a European Union obsessed with political integration and harmonisation. Its focus seems to be on producing endless red tape and needless legislation.

This European election is the most important in a generation. Only the Conservatives are committing to delivering real change in the EU and then giving the British people their say.

So if you want to cut the cost of Europe and make Europe work for business; if you want to keep out of the Euro and take back control of our own borders; if you want to keep out of future EU bailouts and take back control of justice and home affairs; if you want to see real change in the EU; and if you want to have your say in an ‘in or out’ referendum, then you need to vote Conservative.

Candidates: Emma McClarkin, Andrew Iain Lewer, Rupert Oliver Matthews, Stephen John Castens and Brendan Clarke-Smith.

English Democrats

Simply, I fear for our children’s future if Labour and Conservatives keep winning elections.

We can see a lot going wrong under 50 years of Lib/Lab/Con. Name any subject and it’s a disgrace; jobs, immigration, pensions, defence, drugs, foreign aid, NHS, crime, business taxation, low wages, housing, prisons, MP salaries, elderly care. Enough is enough.

The 2009 EU Conservative Manifesto stated: “Our MEPs will support the further enlargement of the EU, including to the Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Georgia and countries of the Balkans.” All 3 main parties want this. Indeed, the ex-Tory, present MEP, now lead UKIP candidate voted for this ‘enlargement’ therefore British UKIP can’t be trusted on immigration. We’ve won elections in Boston so if you’re English, vote English Democrats.

I want England free and independent, have ‘equal UK rights’ and leave the EU. Restore national service, cut foreign aid, protect our countryside/village way of life. Have English jobs for English workers.

Candidates: Kevin Sills, David Wickham, John Dowle, Oliver Healey and Terry Spencer.

Green Party

Lead candiate Kat Boettge, born in Germany, is a single parent and works as a psychotherapist.

She is also a town councillor for Kimberley, Notts, and the Green Party’s spokesman for social care.

The Green Party wants a reformed and democratic EU with an aim to protect its citizens, workers’ rights, the environment and to promote equality and fairness. Kat has been strongly opposing the cuts and the privatisation of our public services.

The Green Party continues to fight against fracking and for a renewable energy transition which will offer a million jobs in the UK. Kat has serious concerns about climate change, which recent severe weather conditions have only marked the start.

The Greens are currently the fourth largest group in the European Parliament, and they are the only ones who have been opposing TTIP, a free trade agreement that would further make this a corporate Britain and Europe.

Candidates: Kat Boettge, Sue Mallender, Richard Mallender, Peter Duncan Allen and Simon Edward Hales.

Harmony Party

My primary objective is to support people opposed to activities that will impact on the character and tradition of their neighbourhoods.

I will be strident in ensuring the East Midlands are not a dumping ground for rubbish ideas from Europe or Westminster.

I will actively seek to ensure the East Midlands does not become a lost region, of low priority in a European super state; I shall strongly argue for ‘value for money’ investing that benefits the local economy.

I want all East Midlanders to live proud and to know their common-sense has an active voice in me. I will work to promote harmonious existence, whether that is man with man, or man with nature, and will push to have the East Midlands ahead of the game where all things environmental are concerned.

Candidate: Steve Ward


A vote for Labour on May 22 is a vote for freezing gas and electricity bills until 2017, building more homes, 25 hours of free childcare for working parents of three and four year olds, a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee for young people unemployed for

over a year, strengthening the Minimum Wage and

stopping recruitment agencies hiring just

from overseas.

Britain needs to be on a strong footing in the world to safeguard jobs in Boston and Lincolnshire.

Businesses across the

East Midlands would close with the loss of thousands of local jobs if Britain leaves the EU, as UKIP and an increasing number of Tories have demanded.

Labour will make the case for reform in Europe and will work to protect your rights at work.

We have to tackle the cost of living crisis facing families in Boston and Lincolnshire; Labour is on your side.

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Candidates: Glenis Willmott, Rory Palmer, Linda Woodings, Khalid Hudadi and Nicki Brookes.

Liberal Democrats

The most important question is jobs.

Will there be more jobs if Britain remains inside the EU or if it leaves? Only two parties offer clear answers – Lib Dems and UKIP.

We say firmly Britain must remain members of the EU. Why? Because our largest single market is Europe.

Millions of jobs in Britain depend on imports and exports to Europe.

If we were to leave the EU, we would give up our say over European trading rules.

We would still have to obey EU rules (like Norway and Switzerland) but they would have been made by the continentals to suit themselves, not us.

The other party, UKIP, says ‘Leave the EU’. They do not explain what would happen afterwards, except that, hey presto, everything would

be great.

A blank cheque for Farage. Jobs would start to leak away, because nobody would listen to Britain.

International businesses would relocate to another country inside the EU which would protect them.

Candidates: Bill Newton Dunn, Issan Ul-Haque Ghazni, Phil Knowles, George Smid and Deborah Violet Newton-Cook.

UK Independence Party (UKIP)

In these elections, UKIP is offering something different, and the choice for voters is simple.

On one hand you have a tired political establishment, represented by the Tories, and Labour, and the Liberal Democrats.

They all believe that Britain’s best days have gone, and that our only option now is to remain an offshore province of a growing European superstate.

If that’s what you believe, then you can vote for any one of the old parties, it doesn’t really matter which because that’s the future they’re all offering.

If, on the other hand, you view Britain’s future as a great global trading nation, independent, free and capable of making her own laws. A Britain that has control over its own borders and has the power to sign its own trade deals.

If you believe in a common sense Britain, then UKIP is here for you, asking for your vote.

Candidates: Roger Helmer, Margot Parker, Jonathan Deryck Bullock, Nigel Mark Wickens and Barry Joseph Mahoney.