‘People won’t realise what they’ve lost ‘til it’s too late with Assembly Rooms toilets’ - campaigner

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A BOSTON councillor who is campaigning to keep the Assembly Rooms toilets open has spent a day counting users to try and support her cause.

Coun Carol Taylor sat outside the loos on Church Street on Wednesday counting how many people use them on a busy market day and speaking to people about how the possible closure, which could come with the sale of the Assembly Rooms, could affect them.

She said: “Everyone I spoke to didn’t realise the were closing.

“They wanted them to stay open, but they also wanted them refurbished.

“People won’t realise what they’ve lost till it’s too late.”

She warned that the impact of the possible closure would be made worse when construction begins on the Haven Bridge next year.

Coun Taylor stood for 2 hours and 10 minutes and saw a total of 142 ladies and children go in during that time. She did not count men or people with disabilities - however she will be revisiting the toilets on Saturday from 10am.

She said she did not disagree with the sale of the Assembly Rooms, adding: “If only we could persuade the new owners, whoever they are, to look at this as a viable business opportunity.”

She added she hoped the new owners would see the benefits of keeping the toilets open, even if they charge users 20p a time.

Coun Taylor has also been looking into other solutions.