Planning ahead for the next 20 years

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THE future of South East Lincolnshire for the next 20 years is set to be mapped out in a new plan.

Boston Borough, South Holland and Lincolnshire County Councils, have formed the South East Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee (JSPC) to develop a guide aiming to identify opportunities for growth and set out clear guidance on planning applications.

The proposals and work programme for the next three years were explained to councillors at a meeting of the borough council’s Corporate and Community Committee on Thursday.

Principal forward planning officer Christopher Holliday said: “Statutory planning process is a long winded affair.

“We’re hoping to have the first document available by October, we have to go through process to get it judged and then adopted by the council.”

The committee was established by statutory instrument in July last year.

Following consultation the core strategy could look at several aspects of planning.

At the meeting members of the JSPC included examples from the Forest of Dean’s plan which looked at climate change, sustainable energy use, development at settlements, housing, sites for gypsies and travellers, the economy and recreation or amenity land.

Proposals so far include a two document approach with a lead Strategy and Policies Development Plan and a second Site Allocations Development Plan.

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