Police commissioner candidate slams Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell over Downing Street tirade row

A BOSTON councillor standing to be the county’s first police and crime commissioner has publically condemned Government Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell over alleged comments made to Downing Street police.

Labour Party commissioner candidate Paul Gleeson has spoken out after Mr Mitchell was accused of shouting abuse at officers.

Coun Gleeson said: “What example does it set when a Cabinet Minister uses this sort of disgusting language to police officers simply because they are doing their job.

“How will this help the police deal with the abusive anti-social behaviour they face daily?”

He called for fellow candidates to join him to condemn Mr Mitchell, who has apologised but contests the words he is alleged to have used.

Coun Gleeson added: “Andrew Mitchell’s nasty, disrespectful behaviour reveals that when it comes to policing, David Cameron and this Tory-led Government don’t get it.

“Their 20 per cuts to policing are leading to the loss of at least 15,000 police officers across the country.

“The people who brought us the millionaire tax cut while raiding pensioners’ pockets are just as out of touch when it comes to policing.”