Police warn: “Be careful what you say on social media”

Police news.
Police news.

In October the Government announced that internet ‘trolls’ who target people with abusive or offensive material online will face up to two years in prison.

The Standard asked Chief Insp Paul Timmins and Chief Supt Paula Wood what their take on the issue is at a local level.

“People should be very careful about what they post online,” warned Chief Supt Paula Wood. “We would encourage people to report any malicious content - and if there is an element of illegality about it we can act. “However, we do have to maintain a degree of common sense about it and Facebook has a responsibility too in dealing with such things.”

Describing Facebook as ‘a hostile environment’, Chief Insp Timmins added: “Regarding malicious communications, it’s important people realise we do have access to these public sites too and can see the comments – and we will police it if we need to. We do already deal with online issues like cyber bullying - with school children often being the victims.”

Regarding comments left online about the town and residents, he added: “From what I’ve seen there is a very vocal minority in Boston where opinions on migrants are concerned.

“The comments often do not give a fair reflection of the people here - it’s not what all Boston people think, just what a small proportion do.

“Even when presented with the facts, there will still be people who continue to hold those sorts of views.”