PRSA: Councillors warned to act quickly or miss out on savings

The Boston Borough Council building.
The Boston Borough Council building.

Councillors have been warned that if they leave the PRSA energy efficiencies much longer they may miss out on the biggest possible savings.

Officer Ian Farmer told councillors that although the council could now make £2.4 million from energy efficiency measures there was a danger of the amount going down in waiting too long.

He said: “Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon. Subsidies are already starting to go down in each period.

“One thing I would like to stress to members is that if there are significant delays it could lead to business cases being significantly worse.”

Coun Helen Staples said she supported 1Life, which runs some services, but she was concerned about some aspects, including the rugby club lease and felt there was a ‘greater need’ for scrutiny.

Coun Paul Gleeson, who was in the public gallery at the meeting, said he had wanted the PRSA to be on the agenda for scrutiny for some time.

Under the deal agreed, the audit and governance committee and officers will oversee the leases, while a scrutiny report will be 
scheduled go to the environment and performance committee in March 2016.