PRSA: Sole committee member refuses to back plans

Boston and Skegness Labour candidate Paul Kenny
Boston and Skegness Labour candidate Paul Kenny

One councillor on the environment and performance scrutiny committee did not support the plans for the PRSA.

Labour’s Coun Paul Kenny was the only councillor not to favour any of the recommendations put to the scrutiny.

At the meeting he said: ”I’m a bit surprised at where we are today, I’m not going to support the expenditure on the PRSA.”

He said that when he ran for council four years ago, one of his pledges was not to spend more money on the building.

He said understood and supported the fact that the council has a responsibility to improve the health of the borough and was impressed by the improvements at the Peter Paine Sports Centre but does not support the plan for the PRSA.

He said: “I have been talking to lots of people since I read those papers and all the people I have spoken to, I said to them, ‘where do you stand?’, and I have not come across one person who said they would support it.Lots of them said we should spend £1 million, but not one of them said we should spend it on the PRSA.”

He was supported by fellow Labour councillor Paul Gleeson, who sat in the public gallery.

Both pointed to the rocky history of the project where previous authorities had promised that money given to the building was the last amount and expressed concerns over whether the current plans would work or not.