QUADRANT: Oppostion groups vow to fight on - and still say development is in the wrong place


Opponents to the Quadrant development have vowed to continue the fight against the plans – and insist Wyberton is still the wrong location.

Brian Rush, part of the Wyberton Quadrant Action Group, told The Standard that he does not believe developer David Newton’s planning application will allay concerns of residents.

He said he felt a public meeting at Wyberton Village Hall with Mr Newton during the consultation process was ‘amatuerish’ and ‘ill prepared’.

Mr Rush, a former councillor, says he feels the ideal location for Boston United’s new ground would be at land next to the Princess Royal Sports Arena, where the rugby club plays.

Mr Newton insists the PRSA is unsuitable for a host of reasons but Mr Rush feels this was not explored ‘properly’ and thinks adding the football club to the site would be a ‘golden opportunity’ to help make that a success.

He said: “I don’t buy into the idea of Wyberton being the best place, it’s not.”

He added: “Wyberton is a fairly residential area, being part of Boston but with it’s own identity. I find it incredulous that he feels he can pick up Boston United and transfer it without impacting on the lives of people.”

Mr Rush said the action group will continue to fight to oppose the development but says residents need to understand how it will affect them, adding: “If people don’t get up off their armchairs and see what’s being proposed I think they will get a shock, and not a good one.”