Residents oppose closure of housing in investment talks

Sycamore Sheltered Housing building on Scotia Road, Fishtoft.
Sycamore Sheltered Housing building on Scotia Road, Fishtoft.

The Sycamores Unit, in Fishtoft.

In an open letter to The Standard directed at Boston Mayflower chief executive Murrey McDonald, ‘all the residents’ asked for the reasons ‘why he is proposing the closure of the Sycamores Unit at Fishtoft’.

They say the unit was once thriving with 40 beds and its flats occupied, and accuse Mayflower of losing interest in advertising the unit over the past 14 years – adding that it has recently but in a case of ‘too little, too late’.

According to the letter a Mayflower representative told tenants that the association has struggled to fill the unit due to a lack of facilities in the village and the flats being ‘kept free for Meadows residents while that unit was being modernised’.

According to their letter Mayflower admitted plans for 14 two or three bedroom houses were ‘in hand if the unit is demolished’ but that these were at an early stage.

They raise concerns thatthe bungalows could be left surrounded by houses and required to go on a ‘lifeline’ instead of a ‘warden’ system.

The letter ends with a plea to rethink the decision and suggests an alternative of having a mobile shop call in once a week or one in situ at the unit.

Responding to the letter a spokesman for Boston 
Mayflower said it had an ambitious programme of reviewing sheltered housing schemes and identifying suitable investment options for each of them.

At the Sycamores, they said: “We are following the same process that led in recent years to three schemes being remodelled and upgraded including, most recently, the Meadows at Old Leake which Mayflower fully refurbished to provide en-suite accommodation and increased facilities at a cost of over £2.5 million.”

They said Mayflower was working with residents at the Sycamores, as it had with the Evergreens and Meadows, to agree the best options.

Mr Macdonald said: “At this stage no decision has been taken in regards to The Sycamores.

“We will continue to meet with the residents and their families to listen to their suggestions on how to make the scheme a success.

“Working openly and transparently with the residents we will review all of the options and find the best way forwards.”