Revealed: Assembly Rooms owner hopes Friday the 13th is his lucky opening night

Matt Clark getting ready to open the Assembly Rooms.
Matt Clark getting ready to open the Assembly Rooms.

Owner Matt Clark is hoping Friday the 13th will be a lucky night for the Assembly Rooms – when he opens the doors on the landmark venue after a £1.25 million revamp.

“It is really, really exciting,” said Matt. “This is amazing – it’s the pinnacle. The Assembly Rooms has always been such a focal point for me in the town, from being a Grammar School boy and walking into the town centre you can’t fail to be struck by it’s importance to the town.

Matt Clark getting ready to open the Assembly Rooms.

Matt Clark getting ready to open the Assembly Rooms.

“It’s great to be the custodian of it at the minute and really try bring something good back to Boston and get some activity going, get some tourists coming and really use the property to it’s full extent.”

The venue, widely considered the second most prominent building in the town after The Stump, was sold by the borough council to the Boston born entrepreneur after reporting losses, running into thousands, and facing an extensive repair bill.

Re-opening the Assembly Rooms as a night club makes the project financially viable said Mr Clark. But he was keen to stress the venue would host other activities.

“The night club makes the property financially viable which the council obviously failed at for several years seeing significant loses,” said Mr Clark. “The night club puts us in there as being sustainable but then we have got such an amazing space there that we hope to be able to use it for other functions – to make sure the Assembly Rooms remain open for the public.”

He said Polka Dot Pantomimes had already come on board to hold sessions and that he was in talks with a number of fitness classes.

Contractors are still busy working on the venue to get it ready for the opening night – but once complete customers will be met with seven different rooms to enjoy, including the main Ballroom dance area, roof garden offering views of The Stump, and VIP spaces.

Mr Clark joked: “It’s still a building site and although we have got some time to go until opening I’ve never had an opening where I haven’t been been painting the ceiling when we’ve opened the doors - but hopefully we will be a bit further ahead with this one and I will be down in my tux ready to greet the customers.”

The opening night is a ticket-only affair – and you could be there with our great competion - see this week’s Standard for details.