REVIEW: Michael Portillo at Boston Stump

Michael Portillo
Michael Portillo

Michael Portillo, the ex-Cabinet minister and now TV presenter, famous for his series of railways journeys, entertained a crowd of about 220 at Boston Stump on Saturday.

The event, entitled ‘An Evening with Michael Portillo’, had been staged to raise money for the Boston Stump Restoration Fund.

And all would have left having had a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting evening.

Starting with some amusing political anecdotes, Portillo proceeded to talk about his career in politics, including his involvement in the Thatcher government, his family’s role in the Spanish Civil War and his more recent move in to TV presenting.

Renowned for his colourful taste in clothing, the patter proceeded along in a bright and breezy manner until the interval.

After a raffle, there followed a question and answer session.

During which the subjects which came up, were as far ranging as his views on fracking and HS2, to just who does carry is luggage when making his rail journeys? And would Michael Palin make a good mayoral candidate? He was asked if Palin would make a good politican, since Portillo had make the move from politics to travel presenter, could Palin do the opposite? He thinks he probably would.

The evening ended after a couple of hours, and this reviewer can reveal, Mr Portillio, had indeed arrived in Boston by rail, after witnessing him depart the following morning at Boston railway station, unfortunately sans his Bradshaw’s Guide.