Rubbish pile a danger to kids cleared up by council

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Council officers have had to clear up a site which had dangerous asbestos on it after fears it would endanger the safety of children playing on it.

Concerned resident Kevin Hughes-West raised the issue, on Clifton Road, Fishtoft, to the paper after seeing children playing with the rubbish and ‘swinging’ it about.

He said he was worried as they believed it included white asbestos.

He said: “The kids are playing on it and I’m concerned. I’ve seen lots of kids playing there, they have made a jump out of it and ride there bikes down it and play with the pipes, swinging them about.

“It’s a time bomb, which may not affect them now but may cause them problems in the future.”

When contacted by The Standard, a Boston Borough Council spokesman said it was the first they had heard of the rubbish and they had sent someone out to collect it the same day.

They explained that due to asbestos being involved a specialist contractor had been sent to the site and confirmed the rubbish had included white asbestos, guttering and downpipes, which had all been cleared away.