School’s fears over plan for ‘drop-off’ at new 106-home estate


A dispute over a ‘drop-off’ point for a primary school has led to a developer asking to be allowed to ditch it from a new 106-home estate in Boston.

The application for the site, north of Boston West Academy, was discussed at Boston Borough Council’s planning committee on Tuesday.

Outline planning permission was approved in August 2012 but developers want to drop two conditions relating to access to allotments and a pick-up and drop-off point for the school.

Council director of development Paul Edwards said the developers made the move amid ‘serious concerns’ from the school.

He said: “The school has objected to it and because there are no other options the developer has requested the removal of proposals for the pick up and drop-off point.”

The report stated that headteacher Mark Schofield felt the governors would not allow it - nor would Sports England as it would mean a path across the playing field would have to be created.

Coun Stephen Woodliffe spoke on behalf of the school to stress it was not ‘totally opposed’ to the idea but said it felt there had been ‘no real consultation’ on the plan.

Councillors agreed another access to the school is desperately needed and pointed to the problems residents in the area already faced with traffic clogging up the road and people parking outside their drives. They also agreed with Mr Edwards point that the drop off could not be along the access road to the site.

Neighbouring allotments will no longer be built and developers hope to use the area previously needed for access for green space instead.

Councillors agreed to remove conditions, except the one relating to the pick up point. They said the school and developers need to discuss the plans further.