Shipbuilding jobs, immigration, the burkha and email ‘snooping’ on the agenda as Question Time is filmed in Boston


Tonight’s edition of BBC Question Time has been filmed at Boston High School this evening - with immigration, shipbuilding jobs, the burkha and email snooping on the agenda.

The BBC One flagship political show, which airs at 10.35pm, features UKIP leader Nigel Farage, junior defence minister Anna Soubry, shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry, Rastafarian poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Vicky Pryce, who was jailed for perverting the course of justice after taking former cabinet minister husband Chris Huhne’s speeding points.

The Standard understands the questions centre on:

*immigration ahead of the expected arrival of Romanian workers into the country next year

*the controversial loss of shipbuilding jobs in Portsmouth

*whether the burkha should be banned in the light of the case of Mohammed Mohamed who escaped from police disguised in one

*email snooping in light of the ongoing debate over the monitoring of communications by the security services

The audience was selected from applicants to the BBC website and arrived at the school at about 6pm.

They were then briefed on the format of the programme by host David Dimbleby, with filming beginning shortly after 8.30pm.

The audience included Mayor of Boston Coun Paul Kenny as well as Coun Dr Gurdip Samra.

Earlier in the day students were given the chance to quiz David Dimbleby on their own version of the show.

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