‘Shocked’ martial arts club loses its base in Boston

Sonny Boyall and Nick Reeves demonstrating techniques to younger members
Sonny Boyall and Nick Reeves demonstrating techniques to younger members

A martial arts group boasting 120 members may have to close in February if a suitable new base in Boston cannot be found.

The Boston Kuk Sool Won school, run by head instructor Sonny Boyall, currently holds evening sessions at Boston High School – where it has had a base for 11 years.

But from mid-February the group will no longer to able to operate from there, and must now find an alternative venue or face closing altogether.

“We were intially told that we had to be out in December but I told them that wasn’t enough time,” said Mr Boyall. “When I got the letter, I was shocked as it was so unexpected. We had actually been in talks with the school about building our own hall there at the back.

“We had never had any complaints or trouble with the school so to suddenly be told that we would have to be out was a bit of a shock. I spent years building up the school but now we are going to effectively have to close if we can’t find anywhere to go.”

Boston High School’s governors decided to cease lettings in July last year.

The school’s acting principal Wendy Costin-Morris said: “Regretfully, we have had to cease all our lettings for financial reasons. The lettings had been running at a financial loss for several years.

“Unfortunately, we cannot continue to let out our building unless we raise the hourly fee significantly. We are sorry to see KSW leave after 11 years but every penny we lose through lettings is a penny taken from the school budget. Sadly, the economic climate and restructuring of Government funding continues to provide challenges financially for all schools and we must all make difficult decisions.”

Mr Boyall and the group were double award-winners at last year’s Boston Standard Sports Awards.

Anyone who can help out with the loan of a suitable venue can call 07710 444662.