Simmonds speaks on immigration

Mark Simmonds delivering a speech on immigration in the House of Commons
Mark Simmonds delivering a speech on immigration in the House of Commons

BOSTON MP Mark Simmonds has appealed for help from the Government to deal with issues arising from immigration in the town.

The MP used a debate on immigration to insist that more resources are needed to deal with the increasing number of migrants who are coming to the town for work and settling in the area.

He added that many of the people who come to the town from the EU are uncounted, meaning they are not taken into consideration in funding allocation and services in the area are stretched even more.

Mr Simmonds told the Commons last Monday: “None of us must underestimate the pressures and strains on communities and those responsible for trying to deliver our public services.

“Boston is the only local authority outside London that has featured in the figures for the top 20 increases in immigration in each of the last five years. That is not reflected in any funding formula.

“There is a significant mismatch between the population and the funding that is supposed to cope, which leads to stress and tension in communities.”

Police, fire, education and health services are all areas which are feeling the strain of immigration, Mr Simmonds added.

He said that although schools with a high number of foreign pupils received extra help from Lincolnshire County Council, that support was not enough, and more was needed to ensure they had the support they needed. The MP also argued that more needed to be done to help communities integrate.

He added: “We need to acknowledge that there must be a balance between populations and funding formulae and in the borough of Boston the imbalance is acute because there are insufficient resources to deal with the much-needed economic migration to drive economic growth in rural Lincolnshire.”

His speech came after members of Boston Borough Council appealed to the MP to raise the issues in the Commons.