The mystery of the disappearing council chief

Uncertainty continues to surround the future of East Lindsey District Council’s chief executive Nigel Howells.

When the authority’s top officer went on sick leave at Easter, it was thought his absence would only last a few weeks, but the 56-year-old has not returned to work at the council since.

It was thought members would be updated at last week’s (October 10) full meeting of the Manby authority, if only so they could offer good wishes for his recovery.

But no statement was forthcoming either from the district leader, Coun Doreen Stephenson, or from council officers in attendance.

Staff and most councillors are still in the dark about Mr Howells, and, when asked for an update, ELDC’s communications boss, James Gilbert, would only say: “We’ll let you know when he’s back.”

Pending clarity on the situation, deputy chief executive Stuart Davy is continuing to hold the fort.