Tributes are paid to former Boston mayor

Magaret Haworth
Magaret Haworth

Tributes have been paid to a former Boston mayor.

Margaret Haworth, who died earlier this month, was mayor from 1978 to 1979 and an Honorary Freeman of the Borough.

She was the first female Mayor of the new borough council following local government reorganisation in 1972,

Norman Hughes, a former councillor who served with Margaret, said: “Margaret came onto the council and she quickly made her mark as being very respected as a councillor.

“During her years on the council she was chair of the planning committee and was also a representative of the council on the municipality committee. She was held in great esteem on that.

“At the end of her time on the council she still took a great deal of interest in planning and used to go to committee meetings on a regular basis, so much so that they used to keep a special chair for her as they knew she was going anyway.

“She really did know what she was talking about.”

Margaret was also a magistrate for some years.

“Everybody respected Margaret, they didn’t necessarily agree with her but she held her corner very well,” said Mr Hughes.

“She was freely available to people and discharged her duties to the best of her ability.

On her being awarded the Freedom of the Borough he said: “She stood head and shoulders above many of the other councillors and deserved the recognition she got.”

Boston Borough Council chief executive Phil Drury said: “She was possibly one of the most formidable, challenging and enthusiastic people I have ever met.

“She had Boston at heart always and even when no longer a councillor she still regularly visited the offices unannounced and attended planning committee meetings. She was totally committed to the town and its people.”

Mrs Haworth’s funeral will be held on Tuesday, July 28, at 1.45pm in St Botolph’s Church, and 2.30pm at Boston Crematorium.