Turkish delight for Coningsby crewmen

Wg Cdr Chris Layden MNT-OFFICIAL 20150611-052
Wg Cdr Chris Layden MNT-OFFICIAL 20150611-052

Typhoon fighter aircraft from RAF Coningsby are taking part in one of Europe’s largest air power exercises.

XI squadron has joined counterparts from across the world in Central Turkey for Anatolian Eagle, a two week exercise designed to enhance cooperation and understanding between the participating nations, sending eight Typhoons and over 150 personnel.

Wing Commander Chris Layden, Officer Commanding IX Squadron, said:“During the exercise the full range of Typhoon capabilities is being used, in the air-air role escorting other nations’ aircraft, to the swing role where Typhoons bomb targets and shoot down any enemy aircraft who may oppose them.

“Each aircraft flying a training sortie carries a sensor which monitors in real-time every manoeuvre, action and radio transmission made by each pilot.”

A de-briefing, which can exceed four hours, lets crew review their mission.