UKIP councillor steps aside from East Midlands regional role and vows to fight racism allegations

Chris Pain
Chris Pain

UKIP county councillor Chris Pain has stepped aside from his role as East Midlands party chairman for three months – and says he will fight to clear his name after being accused as a racist.

Coun Pain, the leader of the UKIP opposition group at County Hall, attended a national executive meeting in London yesterday to explain that his Facebook account had been hacked.

He took computer records to hand over and says he had 200 comments from people he knows backing up that he is not a racist.

He argues he was the target of a cyber crime and never made the posts held up by the Sunday Mirror as racist.

The party has agreed to look into the situation, and Coun Pain says he believes that a number of unsavoury characters are behind a campaign to discredit UKIP, which will be investigated.

The party will look at the cases of the Lincolnshire councillors and the evidence they have submitted to suggest they have been ‘hacked’ or misrepresented.

Coun Pain, who won the Wainfleet and Burgh seat at the recent county election, will step aside as East Midlands regional chairman for three months but insists this is his decision and that he will be back in the role. He will also continue as county council opposition leader and remains the party’s chosen candidate to fight the next General Election in Boston and Skegness.

He said: “It is for a three month period. I have got a lot on and we are preparing for the MEP elections.

“I will step to one side for three months, which is the next meeting, when I will take back control.

“Everything else is the same. I will still be standing in Boston.”

Coun Pain also told The Standard he is now weighing up taking legal action against the Sunday Mirror.

He said: “I have had advice that it is going to be £300,000. I have got to look at whether I have got the time to fight that.

“I might do. I am not saying I am not doing. I am going to look at it very carefully and weigh up the pros and cons.”

He added: “We want to get to the bottom of this because it is a slander against our names and the party.”