UKIP’s biggest support in country came in Boston - and now it is set to be key election target

UKIP MEP Roger Helmer EMN-140527-103848001
UKIP MEP Roger Helmer EMN-140527-103848001

Boston gave the biggest level of support in the entire country to UKIP in the European elections – and is now set to be a key general election target.

A total of 52 per cent of voters in the borough backed the party, with 7,570 out of the 14,676 of the electorate who turned out choosing UKIP.

The party was first across the region with 368,734 votes, with the Conservatives in second and Labour third.

The five MEPs to represent the region will now be Roger Helmer and Margot Parker of UKIP, Emma McClarkin and Andrew Iain Lewer of the Conservative Party and Labour’s Glenis Willmott.

Mr Helmer said he and his fellow campaigners were excited about the results.

He said: “We’re feeling extremely grateful to the people of Boston for the support they have given us.”

He put his party’s success down to voters agreeing with its ‘broader policies on immigration’, adding: “There was this key local issue that fits with our agenda. I think UKIP’s always been strong in the area, it was strong last time.”

He was delighted that the UKIP vote held up in the face of challenge from other Eurosceptic parties, notably An Independence from Europe which fielded ousted ex-UKIP county leader Chris Pain.

On whether Boston is now a key target for 2015’s general election, he said: “As Nigel (Farage) said, our strategy is to be very focussed, very targeted, with a couple of dozen sites or so where we think we will have a real chance, I can’t make commitments but I personally would be astonished if Boston wasn’t on it.”

The regional result was:

An Independence from Europe: 21,384

British National Party: 18,326

Conservative Party: 291,270

English Democrats: 11,612

Green Party: 67,066

Harmony Party: 2,194

Labour Party: 279,363

Liberal Democrats: 60,773

UKIP: 368,734

Turnout was 33.34 per cent.

In Boston the votes cast were:

An Independence from Europe: 364

British National Party: 214

Conservative Party: 3,661

English Democrats: 157

Green Party: 445

Harmony Party: 21

Labour Party: 1,613

Liberal Democrats: 631

UKIP: 7,570

Total votes cast in Boston borough - 14,676. Turnout 33.34 per cent.