UKIP score stunning election success in Boston

UKIP winners celebrate at the Peter Paine Sports Centre in Boston
UKIP winners celebrate at the Peter Paine Sports Centre in Boston

UKIP netted a stunning election success in Boston – winning five of seven Lincolnshire County Council divisions and a Boston Borough Council by-election.

The party came into the night with no seats but managed to overcome several big name Conservatives including Peter Bedford, who is also leader of the borough council.

The Tories started out with six of Boston’s seven county seats and left with just one – with Mike Brookes holding on to the Boston Rural division.

There was also a special reason to celebrate for the Ransome household, with mum Sue and daughters Felicity and Lizzy among the winners for UKIP, while dad Don and fellow daughter Jodie Sutton both finished second in their contests.

Bob McAuley netted two victories for the party - taking the Boston West county ward and the Staniland South borough council byelection.

Across the county UKIP enjoyed a strong showing, winning 16 seats after 72 of 77 had been declared, making them the largest opposition group at County Hall.

The results:

Boston Coastal: Peter Bedford (Con) 730, Paul Gleeson (Lab) 249, Felicity Ransome (UKIP) 826*

Boston Fishtoft: Raymond Singleton-McGuire (Con) 606, Ossy Snell (Ind) 736, Elizabeth Ransome (UKIP) 837*, Mike Sheridan-Shinn (Lab) 197

Boston East: Anne Dorrian (Ind) 164, Richard Dungworth (Lincs Ind) 156, Mike Gilbert (Con) 313, Paul Kenny (Lab & Co-op) 336, Sue Ransome (UKIP) 675*

Boston South : Alison Austin (Lincs Ind) 889*, Jan Finch (Lab) 92, Don Ransome (UKIP) 786, Paul Skinner (Con) 310

Boston North West: Andrea Jenkyns (Con) 378, Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright (UKIP) 708*, Carol Taylor (Ind) 248, Paul Goodale (Lab) 285

Boston West: Yvonne Gunter (Con) 344, Pam Kenny (Lab & Co-op) 310, Robert Lauberts (Ind) 338, Bob McAuley (UKIP) 806*

Boston Rural: Mike Brookes (Con) 1163*, Norman Hart (Lab) 336, Jodie Sutton (UKIP) 1050.

Staniland South borough by-election: Pam Kenny (Lab & Co-op) 202, Robert Lauberts (Ind) 145, Bob McAuley (UKIP) 376*, Carl Richmond (Con) 124

For reaction from the victorious candidates, including video interviews, see this website later today.