UKIP vows to win majority on Boston and East Lindsey councils

Robin Hunter-Clarke
Robin Hunter-Clarke

UKIP’s new parliamentary candidate for Boston and Skegness has vowed the party is aiming to get a majority on Boston borough and East Lindsey district councils in 2015.

Speaking to The Standard today, Robin Hunter-Clarke said the party’s ambitions do not end at winning this consituency’s parliamentary seat.

A full list of council candidates is set to be revealed by the end of the month - with the party also braced to open up a shop in Boston to promote its campaign.

Mr Hunter-Clarke said: “We believe UKIP councillors are the best people to represent local people.

“We have a selection of ordinary, decent people who just want the best for their community.

“We want to fight for a majority on Boston Borough Council and East Lindsey District Council. We are selecting all our local candidates and they will be announced shortly.”

UKIP did suffer from a split after winning a number of seats on the county council in 2013 but Mr Hunter-Clarke, one of those to become a county councillor last year, says things have changed since then.

He told The Standard: “We have learned from those mistakes. The only way to learn is to make mistakes on the job. We have had a few teething problems but now we have a strong team in Boston and Skegness and we are getting people joining us every day.

“We are ready for the fight.”

He said all potential candidates will be properly trained for the job, avoiding the issues suffered in 2013. He also says this would avoid any problems that some people dogged members of the Boston Bypass Independent group when it swept to power in 2007.

He added: “We will make sure when they become councillors they are not rabbits in the headlights.

“We are not going to be unrealistic. We will do our best for the people. We are not answerable at a local level to the party. We do not have a whip.”

For more from Mr Hunter-Clarke see next week’s Standard.