UPDATE: Council statement suggests ‘new’ love locks could have been missed by contractors

More love locks have appeared on St Botolph's bridge.
More love locks have appeared on St Botolph's bridge.

Lincolnshire County Council has released a statement which indicates that contractors may have missed love locks during the mass removal yesterday - rather than new ones being placed.

A spokesman for the council said they could not verify for certain that there aren’t any new ones, but it is possible that the contractors missed one or two yesterday, and will have to return in future to remove them.

They said the presence of rust suggested to them that the padlocks were not new - however, some have suggested people may not have spent money on a new protest padlock.

They said: “You may want to be aware that we’re not convinced there are any new locks on the bridge, the ones in your photo look rusty and a reporter from the BBC has been along to look and says they don’t look new.”

In a previous statement released earlier today Coun Richard Davies, executive councillor for Highways and Transportation said: “We’ll be returning to the bridge as and when necessary to remove any padlocks, to prevent any damage being caused to the bridge.

“We have given people a year’s grace but it is now time to remove their locks, and any removed yesterday will be available for collection.

“It’s unfortunate that our contractors will have to spend time removing locks when they could be attending to other highway matters.”

In response to some suggestions online that the locks are similar to graffiti and/or vandalism, the spokesman said the authority would not be investigating matters or making any prosecutions at this stage, but would be keeping an eye on the bridge in the future.

Wednesday, 9.45am - As reported yesterday, Lincolnshire County Council removed the locks because of ‘concerns over rust’ caused by the items where people attach padlocks to the bridge and then throw away the key to symbolise their love.

However, today (Wednesday), more have appeared along the structure as people continue to place the items.

More love locks have appeared on St Botolph's bridge.

More love locks have appeared on St Botolph's bridge.

On The Boston Standard Facebook page, the debate over the locks has continued with Paul Gauntlett writign: “Good riddance, BUT.... couldn’t the council provide something that people could put their locks on? Maybe a dedicated fence panel in Central park?”

However, Frank Goon Saville said: “You may take our lock but not our love lol.”

Katie Dawson said: “People will just carry on putting them on anyway.”

Even, the Boston Banksy Mr E waded into the debate on Twitter, posting a picture of some lovelocks and saying: ““love can’t be stopped”love is loading...#boringboston #letsgetwiththetimes”

What do you think? Vandalism of the bridge? Or showing the Power of Love?