VIDEO: Conservatives looking at their ‘next steps’

Conservative councillor Peter Bedford has said his party are hoping that the council will be ready and in place by Wednesday.

The Tories secured 13 seats on Boston Borough Council on Thursday, failing to get the majority of 16 needed to become the ruling party.

Parish council election news.

Parish council election news.

Mr Bedford said today that there were several meetings taking place this afternoon and tomorrow and that he hoped things would get sorted by Wednesday - he confirmed the party was waiting for other groups to confirm their leaderships before entering talks.

He refused to be drawn on whether ousted UKIP candidate Barrie Pierpoint would be invited into the party, adding: “That’s a matter not for myself, it is a group and branch decision, whether or not to accept him.”

On Friday, morning Mr Bedford told Standard reporter Daniel Jaines: “I’m slightly disappointed that we haven’t got more [councillors]. but I think it will be workable.”

He said the next step would be: “Very much like central Government have done over the last decade or five years, we will come to a working arrangement.”

However, he refrained from commenting on any particular partnerships he would like.

See the video above for these and more comments.

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