VIDEO: Council tax support scheme passed by council

Changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme offered by Boston Borough Council were approved at a meeting last night (Tuesday).

Coun Raymond Singleton-McGuire said they will carry on with the council tax rules from this year, with benefits capped at 75 per cent of the bill for working adults and war pensioners.

Raymond Singleton McGuire

Raymond Singleton McGuire

Some small increases will be made to benefits for other pensioners in line with national changes.

When brought in the rules meant people who used to get all their council tax paid by the state had to foot at least 25 per cent of the bill.

Coun Singleton-McGuire revealed there were five responses to the consultation, all of which were positive about the changes.

He was quizzed by coun Paul Gleeson on the projected underspend for 2014/15 but said it was difficult to calculate what will be under or overspent during the year.

Coun Gleeson feels the current £130,000 budget underspend shows too much money is taken from the poorest people in Boston.

Coun Singleton-Mcguire said the money will go towards helping people back into work, and said that if there wasn’t an underspend the council would have to make up the difference.

This item was filmed, along with the rest of the meeting as part of an experiment by the Boston Standard.

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