We can’t get no satisfaction! Boston has low score on happiness index

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

Bostonians are among the least satisfied people with their lives in the country, new Government figures show.

The latest data from David Cameron’s ‘happiness index’ shows only seven local authority areas in the country had a lower score than Boston when it came to life satisfaction.

When asked ‘how satisfied are you with your life nowadays?’ Bostonians gave an average score of 7.03 out of 10.

That was the lowest in Lincolnshire, where the average was 7.5, and eighth worst in the UK. Harlow in Essex came out bottom with 6.79.

Boston also came bottom in the county for the question ‘to what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?’, with an average of 7.6 out of 10. However, people in Boston were slightly happier and less anxious than people in Lincoln and West Lindsey.

The news of Boston’s low score prompted a debate on The Standard’s Facebook page – with readers saying more shops, investment and youth activities are needed here.

Others said immigration had had a negative impact on their view of the borough and called for tougher action on anti-social behaviour issues.

We asked readers what would make them more satisfied with life in Boston. Here’s a selection of their responses from our Facebook page:

Lee Holland: Investment in town would help... better shops, more businesses etc

Kevin Hill: Stopping buses tearing through the town centre would be a start!!!

Williamena Keal: fewer people drinking on street corners

Wayne Kmcdb Kenny: Give something for the kids to do..youth clubs etc

Audrey Hill: I entirely agree about buses coming through precinct. Why oh why can’t they come to Boots and WH Smiths which provides everyone with a rendezvous place and returning from those two places? It has completely spoiled shopping in town it should never have been allowed to happen. How about some spending on Christmas lighting and making Boston more appealing to shoppers? Following the debacle of the refurb of the market place the parking places need to be increased. It is affecting peoples trade and God help us if any more shops close due to lack of trade. Wake up Boston Borough Council and try acting on behalf of the local community instead of against them!!

Odette Meow Ross: There’s actually lots of clubs and groups in Boston, thing is, they’re not promoted enough, people bring new ideas into the town then nobody turns up, it’s like the Transported project, amazing craft workshops, talks etc etc and only a handful of people bother to turn up then moan nothing happens here!

Stéphén-Ráchél Kírkhám: ► Decent shops, not pound shops and bargain shops,we do have people in and around boston that have money,lots of it. Try bringing them back to Boston for shopping instead of driving them out to Notts and Peterborough

Jackie Hollingsworth: Some decent shops to attract people ? It’s rare I bother with Boston because there’s just not enough to warrant going there. So I go to Lincoln or Peterborough.

It’s not exactly visually appealing either..

Kevin Hill: Shame some of the big restaurant chains don’t want to invest in our town either, for example Wagamamas, TGI Fridays, Frankie & Bennys, Bella Italia, Toby Carvery, Giraffe & Yo Sushi to name but a few!!! Again, everyone has to travel to Lincoln or Peterborough to even get a look in at these places.....needs to pull out of the dark ages!!

Stéphén-Ráchél Kírkhám:► At the moment I’m in the Philippines,Davao to be exact and I’m seeing more English food chains here than I do when I’m in boston. Will leave it with you.

David Gray: Cut down on street drinkers, something the authorities promised us would happen. all we get is broken promises !!

Goey Edwards: Deport any immigrant who breaks our law and send out a message that we’re not going to be a soft touch any more,and secondly,get us out the EU which only benefits immigrants from poor countries and big businesses with a mass pool of cheap labour.

Roy Anthony Brinkley: Stop 24 hr drinking on the streets better parking in town centre

Mathew Ward: Better shops would be brilliant, more shops that come the more job opportunities to be spread out through the town.

Gav Scales: More litter bins

Emma Louise Roland- Shrubb: Went to Leicester the other day to be able to get some decent clothes! Get us some good shops!!

Callum Butler: I would to see Red Lion Street car park or West Street developed like the plans with larger stores built. The problem with Boston town centre is the shops that are empty are either too small (ie Jessops, Kimes fishmongers) an awkward shape (JJB sports) or not big enough for the likes of Topshop, River Island, etc. Having personally e-mailed businesses they sound like they would like to come but there is nowhere for them. If Red Lion Street was developed stores could be built to accommodate them. However we are a town not a city so will not get some brands as they only open in cities. On another note I am looking forward to the new footbridge being built and the new marina off Fenside Road. The waterways have solved Boston’s problems in the past and could solve some issues in the modern day town.

Mark Sullivan: To actually see some of these suggestions put into place and not be keep being asked the same old question without any results!

Callum Butler: Party in the Park making a return would also be great. Brought the town together and was a success even when it rained

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