We have ‘bin’ watching you says council


CCTV cameras equipped to Boston Borough Council’s bin lorries have been helping provide evidence of criminal and civil misbehavious.

Each lorry is equipped with four CCTV cameras, which the council says offers 360 degree recording as refuse collectors go about their job.

The council said the aim is to be used for the safety and protection of the crew and improve efficiency and customer service.

However, CCTV evidence has also been used to provide evidence in crimes including a driving without due care and attention case in which an impatient car driver put bin men in danger by overtaking the lorry on the footpath.

In another incident CCTV footage showed the circumstances in which two other vehicles were in collision as they were driven near a passing bin lorry. The footage settled the argument about who was to blame.

Cllr Michael Brookes, Boston Borough Council’s portfolio holder for waste services, said: “The lorries were equipped principally for our own benefit, but the cameras are proving worthwhile in other areas. Properly authorised agencies, such as the police, can review the footage to aid criminal investigations, for instance.

“They are all-seeing eyes on the vehicles which travel along every road in the borough where there is refuse to be collected.”

The council said the system is also proving beneficial in the support of other council functions including planning enforcement and council tax investigations.