Will you pay for a new bin?

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ARE you prepared to fork out £20 to buy a brown bin for your green waste?

That is the question Boston Borough Council is asking its residents this week, as it seeks to find out how many people are interested in its latest waste reform, which will see garden waste collected at the kerbside fortnightly through the summer months.

Householders in the area are being asked to fill in the voucher below to indicate their willingness to make a one-off payment of £20 for the bin so they can take part in the scheme.

George Bernard, head of environmental operations at the council, said: “We hope many people will opt for this new service, which represents value for money, and not continue to put garden waste in their green bins for landfill.”

Councillors approved the scheme several weeks ago as a way to help the authority save money. The cost of recycling green waste is substantially cheaper than disposing of it in landfill with other rubbish.

Mr Bernard described the green waste scheme as ‘the responsible and environmentally-friendly way’ of dealing with this cost issue.

However, the plans have been surrounded by controversy since they were approved recently, as many people believe it is wrong to ask people to pay for an extra bin on top of the rates already paid through council tax. But the council has said it would simply cost too much to provide bins for every resident.

Through the scheme, residents will no longer be permitted to use their green bins for garden waste as had been the practice so far. Anyone found to be putting green waste in there may find their bin has not been emptied.

The green waste scheme is part of a big reform in waste collection, which will see the council’s entire refuse fleet replaced at a cost of £90,000.

Details around the replacement of the fleet are yet to be finalised, and staff hope they will be able to make further efficiencies through this process.

It is hoped that the green waste scheme will go live at the beginning of July and will run with fortnightly collections until the end of the main growing season. After this year, it is intended that it will run from May.

To register interest fill in the form in this week’s Standard and send it to Customer Services, Boston Borough Council, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 8QR.