Would be gangmasters warned: ‘Know the rules or we’ll catch you out’

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

‘We will always find you out’ is the warning issued by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority to businesses who don’t meet their rules.

The message was aimed at ‘those acting as a front for a third party’ or inexperienced business operators and follows an application from a Boston business that was rejected by the GLA.

A spokesman said Luisa Braga, manager of DZK Ltd, in High Street, Boston, recently applied for a gangmaster’s licence.

But when questioned by GLA inspectors she could give no explanation about how and why she would run her business or how she would service her clients.

She also could not say where her office would be based and was unable to estimate what the turnover of her business would be.

Further concerns were raised when she revealed her only previous experience of work was as ‘a part-time cleaner’.

The authority said she then appointed a commercial consultant to act on her behalf but, when they met with the GLA, they continually made reference to agreements with the GLA which did not exist.

GLA chief executive Paul Broadbent said: “Though we licence companies, they must put forward a credible principal authority – the named licence-holder and the individual responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.

“That individual has to show they have competencies required to run their business effectively and in compliance with the strict standards we regulate – if they cannot do this their application will fail. This was what happened in the case of DZK Ltd.“

The licence was refused on the grounds that Miss Braga was not a fit and proper person to operate the business.

The spokesman added: “Our robust inspection process and procedures will always find you out.”