Poppy Appeal organiser hits out at ‘vile’ collection box thieves

A poppy worn with pride
A poppy worn with pride

A Poppy Appeal organiser says the people behind the theft of the campaign’s collection boxes are ‘vile’.

Sue Ransome spoke of her dimsay after a second Poppy Appeal box was stolen in Boston, this one taken from The Standard’s office in Church Lane.

The box, which was placed in The Standard’s lobby area, was taken some time between 3pm and 6.45pm on Monday.

This follows the theft of another box supporting the Royal British Legion campaign from Ted West’s chip shop, on Eastwood Road, some time on October 29.

As well as the two in Boston, police are looking into thefts of Poppy Appeal boxes in Skegness and Lincoln.

Mrs Ransome went to The Cenotaph in London with daughter Jodie for the Remembrance Sunday service at the weekend.

She said seeing members of the armed forces who lost limbs as a result of their service brought home how awful it was that anyone would steal from the cause.

She told The Standard: “It’s vile when you think about what it’s going for.”

She added: “You can’t understand why people are such low lifes that they would take from something so important where every penny counts.

“I don’t think any theft is right but this is even worse.”

Insp Jim Manning, of Boston Police, said: “Lincolnshire Police take theft from charity, whatever the amount very seriously and a proper investigation will be conducted to identify those responsible and recover the Poppy box.”

If you have information about the culprit, call officers on 101.

Mrs Ransome and her daughter have been to London for the past three Remembrance Sundays now, occupying a regular spot for a good view.

She said the service was ‘very poignant’ due to this year marking the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

She said security was tighter than ever due to a terror threat, with the Queen getting a round of applause for defying fears to carry on with the event.

More than 400 collection boxes have gone out across Boston.

Mrs Ransome said they had thankfully not suffered from many thefts.