Pothole problem could be helped if council approves budget

Pot holes on Tower Street, Boston.
Pot holes on Tower Street, Boston.

More than £6 million could be set aside for fixing potholes in Lincolnshire over the next two years – and Boston is one of the places set to benefit.

Lincolnshire County Council is proposing to allocate £6.5 million to repair projects at pothole hotspots around the county and set in motion a new initiative to fix the craters right away.

The plans are part of the authority’s budget, which is set to be approved by the full council at its meeting today (Friday).

If approved, the funding could ring a change in the way highways staff deal with potholes. Currently, emergency potholes are fixed temporarily, and staff return at a later date to fill the hole properly. But, in future, they aim to deal with the issue first time.