Praise for hard working lights committee

Lights are planned to run down every lane in Boston, a test run is also planned to take place soon. Photo: Nathan Bryant.
Lights are planned to run down every lane in Boston, a test run is also planned to take place soon. Photo: Nathan Bryant.

Councillors have praised the hard work of a Christmas Lights committee after organisers confirmed all their plans were in place.

Chairman Dylan Taylor updated the Boston Town Area Committee on the progress of plans for festive lights in which he confirmed the county and borough councils had both approved plans to put trees on the roundabout and to move the Christmas tree to Fish Hill.

He also confirmed new proposals to put lights up outside Boston Stump, which families could sponsor.

He said lights for the five lamps had been purchased and that eight cherry blossoms were being looked at to line the War Memorial on Wide Bargate.

Primary schools around the town had also been involved in designing and crafting Christmas decorations, with a competition going on to find the child who will switch on this year’s lights.

Praising the work the group had done, BTAC chairman Coun Nigel Welton said: “We really do recognise what the group are doing as a bunch of volunteers - the stuff they are doing to raise money and all the work they are putting in for free.

“Thank you for that. We really do appreciate what you are about to do.”

Following the meeting Dylan told The Standard: “We are very pleased with the BTAC councillors’ reaction to what we’re doing - it’s great to have their support.

“We’d like to thank our sponsors for being very patient while permissions were being sorted, it was out of our hands at that point.

“We’ll be in touch with them shortly.”

The group has recently put out a survey on Facebook asking people if they would like to see the tree outside the Assembly Rooms or on Fish Hill.

Dylan said: “We are overwhelmed by the response of Bostonians engaging with us. The post so far has reached 15,000 people, some of whom would like the main tree outside the Stump, as in previous years, some on Fish Hill, for a change.

“If only half of those people donate £1 we would have an extra £7.5K to spend and could please both groups of people.

“We are endeavouring to provide festive lighting around the town and the more Bostonians donate the more lights - and trees - there will be. It’s fantastic to see that people really care and we are looking forward to revealing what we’re doing.

“The CiB team are all volunteers working very hard, putting lots of hours into this because they want to see the town lit up, looking festive and fantastic.”

Anyone wanting to help the Christmas in Boston team should visit: or find them on Facebook and Twitter.