Pregnant stray rescued by council was ‘not in a very good condition’

Daisy the Jack Russell
Daisy the Jack Russell

A second stray dog, which was expecting puppies when it was found, has been rescued after being found ‘not in a very good condition’.

The Jack Russell, which has been named Daisy, was found abandoned on March 10 near United Carpets on Main Ridge and was taken to Marshland Vets.

Daisy the Jack Russell

Daisy the Jack Russell

She was rescued by Boston Borough Council, who looked after her until she went to Keith’s Rescue Dogs centre at Skegness, where she later had six pups.

Charity founder Keith Smith said: “She was not in very good condition – very thin, but obviously pregnant. Her nails were overgrown indicating she had not been walked.

“We trimmed her nails and immediately put her on a high-protein diet to try to get nourishment through to her puppies.”

While at the centre, Daisy went into labour, having her first pub naturally - but getting into difficulties with the rest.

After being rushed to a vet, five more puppies were delivered by Caesarean section.

The puppies had to be resuscitated and given oxygen and Daisy has only enough milk to feed two puppies, but all are now reported to be ‘recovering well’.

Keith and his assistants give supplementary milk to each of the three boys and three girls every two hours.

Keith said: “It’s still early days but they are all doing well now and she is a brilliant mother. We are not sure, yet, what the puppies may be. They look like Jack Russells and have marking similar to their mother.”

When Daisy was found she had a red collar, but no ID. She was not chipped.

The animals will be inoculated, chipped and neutered and the charity will be looking to rehome them in about 10 weeks time.

Keith’s Rescue Dogs operates as a charity, currently with 75 dogs being cared for, and relies on donations as well as their own fundraising efforts.

Potential new owners will have to agree to a home check and must have a suitable secure garden.

Keith can be contacted on 01205 750197.

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