PRIDE AWARDS: Customer Care Award

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Meet our trio of contenders for the Customer Care Award for this year’s Boston Standard Pride Awards...

*Mo Fountain

Mo at Salon Alchemy, in Oldrids, was given a collective nomination.

The group who did so said they had never known a receptionist who interacted with guests of all ages and walks of life with as much ease as Mo did.

She is able to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable while maintaining a professional position within her role.

They said they could not give just one particular time when she had gone the extra mile as there were so many events where she had gone out of the way to make guests feel special and loved.

*Dave Russell

The bar manager at the White Hart Hotel was nominated for being so welcoming when customers go into the bar.

The person who nominated him said Dave always gives a warm welcome and is always cheerful.

They added that no matter what sort of day you have had Dave doesn’t mind listening to your problems and always lends an ear over a pint or a coffee, helping customers go away feeling positive and cheery. They said when they eat in the bar his service is second to none and he really knows his products.

*Eric Blisset

Lollypop man Eric, 68, was nominated for helping children to cross the road at Hawthorn Tree School.

Eric began working as a lollypop man while a caretaker at the school eight years ago.

The person who nominated him said he was a caretaker for between 10-15 years.

He retired at the age of 65 from Boston High School, but continued to guard children crossing Toot Lane all the way to the present day.

The person who nominated him said they thought he would do it for as long as he was able.

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