There are two teachers competing for your votes in this year’s Boston Standard Pride Awards...

*Colette Vinter

Kirton Primary School choir would not have got where it is today without the help and support of Colette Vinter.

She has nurtured her young singers and promoted such enthusiasm for music that the group has had the opportunity to perform with other children at the National Young Voices concert in Sheffield.

The group, which is made up of around 30 pupils, performed a variety of songs at December’s concert, including hits from Queen, pop songs and Christmas tunes.

At the time Colette said: “It was a fantastic experience for everyone. I am very proud of all the children.”

The school has also achieved the Platinum Sing Up Award.

*Richard Anderson

Richard has been described as having dedicated his life to Boston Grammar School.

As subject leader in German he has brought the subject alive for hundreds of students.

But through the Schuhplattler Gruppe he coordinates at the school he has also brought the language to many others outside of lessons.

He has headed up a number of extra-curricular groups over the years, helping many children at the grammar school to expand their learning and social enjoyment of school way beyond the classroom.

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