Prince William poses for ‘selfie’ with excited young Boston fan

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Prince William made a young Boston fan’s Christmas when he stopped for a quick snap and told her: ‘You can’t beat a good selfie!’.

The heir to the throne thrilled 12-year-old Madison Lambe when he posed for this picture as he made his way to church at Sandringham.

Madison Lambe gets a 'selfie' with Prince William. NA

Madison Lambe gets a 'selfie' with Prince William. NA

It was the first time Madison and her mum Paula Scrupps had visited the royal estate on Christmas Day – and it will certainly be one they remember for a long 

Paula said: “Madison took some flowers for the Queen and the children line up near the church wall. Parents aren’t allowed to go so she asked if she could borrow my phone so she could try to get a ‘selfie’ with the Queen – she came back with a ‘selfie’ with William instead!”

Due to the large amount of youngsters gathered, two lines were set up with the Queen meeting children on one side and Prince William and his wife Kate greeting those opposite.

“When he came over I asked for a picture,” said Madison. “He just said ‘you can’t beat a good selfie on Christmas Day!’.

“It was really good. I didn’t expect it.”

An excited Madison rushed back to her mum, who admitted she didn’t believe her at first.

“Then she showed me the photo – it was a really good picture,” said Paula, who confessed she was rather jealous she didn’t get to meet the prince.

Madison, a pupil at Boston High School, then rang her grandparents, who had to tell her to calm down as they couldn’t understand what she was saying because she was so excited.

Madison added: “I have put it on Facebook. My friends think it is really good and they have been commenting on it.”