Project looks to explore EU debate

Ian Blyth
Ian Blyth

A photographer who has worked with artists such as Tracey Emin, Gilbert and George and David Bailey wants Boston people for a new project.

Nottingham-based photographer Ian Blyth plans to use a method known as the ‘Camera Obscura’ to explore thoughts about the EU Referendum.

Camera Obscura sees an image of a scene projected through a small hole in a screen onto a surface opposite where it appears reversed and inverted.

Mr Blyth hopes to take a series of images from which he would then create an exhibition to display both in Boston and further afield. He hopes to complete this before Article 50 – signifying our official withdrawal from the RU – is triggered.

Mr Blyth said that in its simplest form the project is ‘a portrait photography project, but shooting portraits in the most imaginative way I can think of’.

He told The Standard: “I want to find people who’d be willing to talk to me about the referendum and how they voted, but more importantly how they feel about it now.

“I’m interested in whether they still feel committed to the decision they made, in or out, based on the way the vote is being played out both within the UK Government and the EU Parliament.”

As part of the project Mr Blyth will position those taking part in terms of how they feel about the debate now, rather than how they voted.

He promises the project will be a quick process, and is hoping to get started in the next few weeks.

There would also be some film footage taken of discussions between himself and the subject.

Mr Blyth would be looking to exhibit the work locally and in a tour. He would also be looking to get it published in national media.

Mr Blyth graduated from Falmouth College of art in 2000 having studied photography. He worked for a lab in East London who developed films and printed work for famous artists. He has also worked in the advertising industry and is now a freelance photographer. He has been published in GQ, Vogue and The New York Times.

Anyone who wants to take part can contact him by emailing, or calling 07800 557727 or 01636 892562.