Protest march could be just the start of action

THE LEADER of a campaign group lobbying against immigration in Boston has vowed to keep fighting until he sees results.

Dean Everitt, who is at the helm of the Boston Protest Group, is set to chair a meeting to decide whether or not to hold a march to raise issues with mass migration later today (Monday), and if the idea gets support from the people, he said the controversial protest would be held later in the year.

At last week’s meeting of Boston Borough Council’s Task and Finish group into the impact of immigration, he said the group would continue to march until some of their issues had been solved.

He told the meeting: “If we keep falling on deaf ears we will have to keep shouting louder.”

Mr Everitt said he and his supporters felt as if they were banging their heads against a brick wall, adding that he was ‘sat on the fence’.

He told the inquiry: “I have never said we need to march. I have said we need to let the people decide. I don’t know what the best decision is.”

One person who plans to vote against the march is group member Bob McAuley, who has been at Mr Everitt’s shoulder throughout the task and finish proceedings.

At the last meeting of the inqury, he said: “It’s our democratic right to peaceful protest. It’s also our right as individuals to make the decision to march or not. My personal opinion is that the risk of violence and damage to property is far too great. I believe the march could be hijacked and all the good work that has been done will be lost. The protest movement would lose all credibility and it would be a victory for the politicians and for those reasons I would not support a march in Boston.

“I fully support a protest march in London as it is the Government at fault and not the people of Boston.”

A march had been planned to take place in the autumn, but plans were put on hold after the council promised to hold its inquiry to discuss issues around migration.

The meeting will be held tonight at 7,30pm in the Assembly Rooms in Boston.