QUADRANT: Arguments against the development

Sue Bell
Sue Bell

Residents, campaigners and parish councillors outlined fears for parking, traffic and the impact on schools and health services.

The objectors feel Boston United should move to the Princess Royal Sports Arena - with Coun Pat Cooper saying that supporters could travel to it using Hubberts Bridge railway station.

She said the facilities of the Quadrant will clash with those already offered by the parish hall and sports and social club.

Coun Lynne Fossitt said the Quadrant’s retail units could harm businesses in Kirton and felt Boston United’s statement that the club could die if the plans are not passed ‘smacks of moral blackmail’.

Campaigner Sue Bell (pictured) said councillors should pay more attention to the parish referendum – in which 483 of 560 voters said ‘no’ to the Quadrant – than the petition in favour of the plan, which attracted more than 800 paper signatures and 1,300-plus names online because theirs was an official vote and, unlike the pro-petition, only open to Wyberton residents not the whole of Boston and beyond.

She added: “What about the gateway into our lovely town? It will be cheap houses and fast food outlets. You will have plenty of time to view this stuck in traffic.”

Ray Sharpe spoke on behalf of Tytton Lane East residents and said parking would be a big problem. He said: “Football fans with local knowledge will park anywhere and everywhere to get away from the stadium as quickly as possible”

He said the road already suffered from speeding and the junction with the A16 could be a ‘death trap’.

Brian Rush reminded councillors that taxpayers ‘money is still paid to the PRSA, saying: “This project could be the solution. There’s more than enough suitable development land that could provide the Pilgrims a new home.”

Dr Cyril Nyman said studies showed an increased risk of cardiovascular disease from the noise of a football stadium – and said new roads needed building first, not the stadium.

Sheila Fitzsomms told councillors: “My two grandchildren live in Wyberton but could not go to the same school because there are not the places.”

Coun John Chester also highlighted the lack of school places and said the money offered to help was not enough.

He said: “It will not build a school and the money for health will not build a doctors surgery.”

He questioned why the stadium has to be built alongside the new houses.

Coun Richard Austin said many residents are ‘intimidated’ by the plans and are ‘fearful of the consequences’ if they go ahead. He raised a string of highways concerns that he feels must be addressed before it could go ahead.

Fellow borough councillor James Knowles called for a park and ride to be built if the plans go ahead.

Resident Dennis Bell said the council should be worried by the number of conditions needed to allay concerns of statutory bodies, and said: “I would ask the committee to defer a decision until at least some of the conditions are resolved.”