Quadrant developer confident of overcoming objections from fire service and Environment Agency

An artists impression of the Quadrant development.
An artists impression of the Quadrant development.

Developer Chestnut Homes is confident it can overcome issues raised against the Quadrant development by key bodies.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue and the Environment Agency, have both objected to the development, while Anglian Water has also raised concerns.

The fire service objects on the grounds of inadequate water supply – suggesting a number of fire hydrants, or suitable alternatives, are required. The Environment Agency and Anglian Water, both raise concerns over flood risk.

Lincolnshire County Council has also said it would like a £857,009 contribution towards education costs and said it will consider objecting to the proposal if the money isn’t supplied.

A spokesman for Chestnut Homes said: “It is quite normal to receive this type of response to a formal consultation.

“We will continue to work with these consultees and the borough council throughout the planning application process to overcome any concerns.

“It is also very common for the details of the final scheme to be resolved after planning permission is granted, and these details would be controlled by planning conditions, ie conditions we would have to adhere to as part of any planning consent.”

They said the schools contributions is still being discussed with county officials.

Other consultees to have responded so far include: Natural England which has no objections but has offered advice and asked for conditions; the local housing authority which asked for specific information and a full assessment of ‘affordable housing’; and Paul Money, astronomer, who said he likes the layout and design of the application however, he gave some advice regarding light pollution.

The Quadrant development includes 500 houses, a new home for Boston United, a new supermarket and the first section of a possible bypass.