Radio’s FM plan needs £10,000

Endeavour Radio
Endeavour Radio

Endeavour Radio is appealing for funds to buy new equipment needed to finally realise its long-time dream of hitting the FM airwaves.

Boston’s community radio station was finally granted an FM licence in December, but now needs to raise in excess of £10,000 .

The volunteer-run station, based in High Street, is hoping to launch in the spring.

However, sponsors and donations to find a new larger studio and fund additional equipment are needed first.

“Unfortunately, we can’t just ‘switch on’ and start broadcasting,” explained station director Dylan Taylor.

“We’ve applied for more grants for this than at any other point in the station’s history – and we’re seeking support from local businesses.

“The funds will help us buy equipment which is vital to enable us to switch Endeavour FM on. It will also help us to afford to build, paint and carpet a bigger studio, which we really need so as to invite more guests, include live musicians and potential for radio plays.

“The studio we use at the moment is a bit of a broom cupboard, albeit one that has served us well up until now.”

The station is also looking for a suitable high place to position its new FM aerial.

Initial hopes it could be placed on the Stump tower were thwarted by the presence of an endangered species of bird nesting there.

Mr Taylor added: “We are in the process of developing an Endeavour FM media pack which will detail what businesses can get for sponsoring a show in our schedule and how much it costs.”

Endeavour Radio began broadcasting nine years ago as ‘Stump Radio’ - live from Blackfriars Arts Centre.

In 2009, it became ‘Endeavour Radio’ online, enjoying annual short-term FM periods at events such as Party in the Park. It has always intended on securing a full-time licence to broadcast to Boston on the FM airwaves.

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