RAF artist is on a high ahead of London gallery show

Chris Stothard
Chris Stothard

An RAF artist has had five paintings accepted into this year’s ‘Aviation Paintings of the Year’ exhibition to be held at a London gallery.

Chris Stothard has exhibited work for the Guild of Aviation Artists (GAvA) before, however has never had the accolade of having all of his submitted paintings accepted.

Chris, born in Louth in 1952, has lived in Friskney for the past 15 years and prior to that he made his home in Wainfleet.

He started painting oils in 1977 and was accepted into the RAF museum collection in 1980 and introduced to the GAvA in 1982 as an associate member.

Chris then made a living from painting, commissioning for the RAF and for private collectors in the USA, Germany and Australia.

After a break, Chris was asked to rejoin the GAvA as an associate last year.

“When told all five paintings were to be exhibited, I nearly fell over,” said Chris.

Unable to choose a favourite among the five paintings for sale, he said: “Perhaps the most important for me is, Practice Makes Perfect, depicting a 617 squadron Avro Lancaster B III flying at low-level in preparation for the Dam Busters raid.”

Chris said he tries to attach a real-life story to his painting.

Other paintings include ‘What does he mean, We’re off?’, of a Handley Page Victor attempting to re-fuel an Avro Vulcan, during the Falklands and ‘Dornier Destiny’ - a Bolton-Paul Defiant 264 squadron damaging a German Dornier Do 17z bomber in 1940.

The exhibit at the Mall Galleries in London is open to the public July 22-27.

Admission is free, visit www.mallgalleries.org.uk for more information.