Re-United Kingdom Independence Party

Coun Brian Rush
Coun Brian Rush

Boston’s UKIP group’s have reunited under the leadership of Coun Brian Rush, it has been confirmed today (Monday).

A statement from the party to the media said the two sides had been brought back together following a meeting of the councillors chaired by local branch chairman and Lincolnshire County Councillor Robin Hunter-Clarke on Friday.

The councillors will be under the leadership of Councillor Brian Rush, assisted by deputy leaders coun Jonathan Noble and Coun Steven Raven.

The statement said: “UKIP aims to be an effective, pro­active opposition group, holding the Conservative administration to account for its government of Boston Borough.

“UKIP will strive to represent the best interests of Boston’s citizens.”

The party split in two recently following an argument over its leadership with Couns Sue Ransome, Liz Ransome, Felicity Ransome, Stephen Raven, James Edwards and Vivan Edge under the UKIP party banner and Couns Jonathan Noble, Anton Dani, Yvonne Stevens, Brian Rush, Stephen Ball and David Brown, who have formed The UKIP Group.