Record rainfall for January in Boston


Boston endured the wettest January on record – but it was a month with some uncharacteristic warm and sunny days.

It rained 28 days out of 31 – with more than double the average amount falling from the skies.

Local weatherman Albert Kirkham said the previous record was in 1984.

“Then month was milder than average with several warm, sunny spring-feeling days in the first two weeks,” said Mr Kirkham. “But it turned colder at the end, with normal temperatures.”

The highest maximum temperature, on the 5th and 6th, was 12.2C (54F). The lowest maximum temperature, was recorded on the 21st and 30th, at 5C (41F).

On the 7th, the temperature fell no lower than 7.8C (46F) but on the 12th it was as low as -2.2C (28F). The mean maximum temperature was 8.3C (47F) above the average of 6.7C (44F). The mean minimum was 2.8C (37.2F) against the average of 1.1C (34F).

There was 100.5mm (4.14ins) of rain against the average of 56mm (2.21ins) across 28 days of measurable rain. The greatest rainfall in one day came on the 8th with 9.8mm (0.39ins).

Townspeople had 58.9 hours of bright sunshine, against the average of 59.9 hours. The sunniest day was the 11th. There were 13 ground frosts, five air frosts, two days of fog and nine days with no sunshine at all.