‘Red mist’ saw Kirton teen kick former friend’s car

Court news.
Court news.

A Kirton teenager, who had arranged to meet a former friend to ‘sort out issues between them’, kicked and damaged the car he was driving, a court has heard.

Patrick Raggo, 19, of Hardwick Estate, admitted damaging a car window when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Raggo had arranged to meet a Louis Epton at Kirton at 10pm on August 30 to ‘sort out differences between them’ but that when Mr Epton arrived in his Seat car with a friend in the passenger seat, Raggo came out of an alleyway, shouted at them to get out of the car and when they didn’t, kicked a window and broke it before running away.

In mitigation, Philippa Chatterton said Raggo, who has no previous convictions, had ADHD and until January had been receiving medication but was now being referred for anger management sessions.

She said Raggo and Louis Epton had been ‘extremely close friends’ until Raggo lent him some money and the friendship ended when he found it difficult to get the money back.

She said it took ‘many weeks’ to be repaid and he had become annoyed because he alleged Mr Epton had been ‘badmouthing’ him and his girlfriend.

She said the meeting had been arranged but Raggo felt he was provoked and the ‘red mist descended’ and he lashed out towards the car.

She said he was ‘shocked’ when he realised he had broken the window of the car.

The magistrates imposed an 18 month conditional discharge and ordered Raggo to pay £105 in costs and charges. They made no order for compensation