Remember them

REMEMBRANCE SERVICE - This year’s service is on a very special day, as it is the only time it has been on the 11/11/11 at 11am. This will not happen again for 100 years. The service will be held at the Stickney war memorial. The service will begin at 10.45am It will be a special service to remember loved ones.

On Sunday, November 13, at 5pm in St Lukes.

Names can be left on the list in the church or given to the Rev Joan Thornett, by calling 01790754151

l DIAMOND JUBILEE - A working party will be meeting at the cafe in the Farm Park to put forward ideas for a Diamond Jubilee celebration on June 4 next year.

For anyone who would like to come along, it will be held at 7pm on Thursday. All will be welcome.