Rescue dogs need a new home

‘A dog are for life, not just for Christmas’ so the saying goes - and these waggy-tailed wonders are seeking permanent homes after suffering trauma and misfortune.

The friendly five are all based at Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Algarkirk, which is appealing for suitable owners to come forward and help them.

Tiger is one of the dogs at Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Algarkirk needing a home

Tiger is one of the dogs at Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Algarkirk needing a home

Tiger is the unluckiest dog in the world who desperately needs a quiet home and a loving companion. The gorgeous greyhound was sadly attacked by another dog in the summer and had to have life-saving surgery on his skull. After battling through the surgery he fully recovered, but not before a severe reaction to the anaesthetic. Kennels really are not the best place for the five-year-old ex-racer who has a particular fondness for soft, squeaky toys and will play happily by himself. He loves to laze around in the garden, enjoy an afternoon snooze as well as a good run around to burn off some of that greyhound energy.

Jenny is one of the centre’s oldest residents who finds kennel life hard owing to her age. She became available for adoption after her previous owner became unwell and now needs a warm loving home. The 12-year-old crossbreed is a real sweetie and will happily greet anyone. She has the loveliest temperament and ideally would like a home she can retire to and have plenty of company throughout the day. She has been spending lots of time in the office lately where it’s a bit warmer than the kennels. Can you give Jenny the loving home she needs?

Only four months old, Rhys is looking for a new owner who has the time to continue teaching him clicker training and socialisation. The handsome Staffordshire Bull Terrier Crossbreed puppy is looking for a home that is used to excitable young puppies. He can be homed with children, other dogs and cats, if they are used to being around young dogs.

If you’re looking for a lovely Lurcher with a warm temperament Caleb could be the dog for you. He’s a seven-year-old crossbreed who is one of the happiest and most sociable dogs you’ll meet. He greets everyone with a waggy tail and gentle kisses so he’s suitable for a home with other dogs and children. He would love a home with owners that like to go for long, gentle walks and has a cosy warm fire to curl up in front of.

Six-year-old Cooper is a shy Shiba Inu who is looking for a quiet home without too much hustle and bustle. He likes to take his time when building trust with new people, but please don’t let that put you off because he’ll be a friend for life once you gain his trust. He has a very sweet personality and loves gentle grooming as well as going out for walks.

Centre manager Jo Hickson, said: “At our centre we can care for up to 27 dogs at a time. Currently we have 23 dogs in our care but we’re always busy throughout the year; not just over Christmas. We have a variety of breeds including Labrador retriever crossbreeds, lurchers, German shepherd dog and terrier crossbreeds available for adoption at the moment who are all looking for a forever home.

“If you can’t commit to full-time adoption we are always looking for foster carers who can temporarily rehome and care for rescue dogs. Some dogs like Tiger and Jenny find it hard to adjust to kennel life. These tend to be older dogs, dogs with health conditions, pregnant bitches and their puppies. We desperately need willing foster carers to come forward and care for dogs that need that bit of extra love and attention while we work to find them a forever home.

“We stay open throughout the Christmas period so if you’re looking for a new dog come and have a chat with us about your requirements. A new home can be overwhelming for a dog so a calm and relaxed environment is ideal for a dog’s first few days but we can give you advice on the best time to adopt. If your home is busy over the Christmas period with family and friends visiting we can always reserve a dog for adoption once your home goes back to a normal routine.

“We take the view that each dog and person is individual so we work to place our dogs with the right owner at the right time with the best advice on settling in.

“Often people consider adopting a dog as a gift for someone else, but this isn’t something that we would recommend. It might be an old cliché but a dog really is for life, not just for Christmas.

“Too many people like the look of a dog, or a particular breed, but have very little knowledge about their behaviour, traits and needs. Also we wouldn’t advise buying a dog or puppy from the internet, free advertising or word of mouth because understanding a dog’s personality and whether it’s comfortable living with children or other pets, is an important part of the process when looking for a canine companion.

“This year we have already rehomed 130 dogs from our centre in Algarkirk which is 42 more than the same time last year.”

For more details about rehoming one of the dogs visit the centre in Marsh Lane, Algarkirk or call 01205 260546.